Spencer Holder

My name is Spencer Holder. I am 20 years old and from Mount Sterling, Kentucky. I am a business administration major at Georgetown College and participate on the Men’s Soccer team. Photography is not only my passion, it is what gives me joy. Let me share my happiness with you.

Why Do I like photography?

I love photography because it allows me to see the world in ways that I never have before. Since picking up photography, I pay attention to small details that have opened up my mind to new ideas that makes the world around me a more beautiful place. 

Why am I your perfect choice?

I’d be your perfect photographer because I’m personable, hardworking, and have reasonable prices. I do everything that I can do to make my shoots a pleasurable experience and provide my customers with professional level results. 


I am primarily located in Georgetown, Kentucky but am not limited to the area. A small travel fee may be added for certain travel distances.

Georgetown, Kentucky

Call me

Reach out to me directly through my cell phone for any inquires, appointments, questions, or concerns.

+1 (859) 274 - 8316

Email me

For any other questions or concerns regarding my services or information, feel free to email me and I will respond as soon as possibe.